That Kodiak Green!

A series on products I love to use. Enjoy!

Each spring when the green starts to creep up the mountains, I tell my sister, “It’s that Kodiak green!” and she knows exactly what I’m talking about!

So how do you replicate that green using paint? Luckily for me, our Kodiak green is so fantastic and otherworldly that I can capture it with a couple different paint combos. This is one time that my penchant for ridiculously bright colors is an accurate representation!

I love Daniel Smith watercolors and use them almost exclusively.  I enjoy hand picking  colors and only occasionally do I get so excited that I accidentally buy a color I already have!  I go with my gut when buying colors; when I have a visceral reaction to a color, I add it to my palette! 

My go-to colors for Kodiak green are
Daniel Smith Permanent Green Light

15 ml
Daniel Smith Hooker’s Green
15 ml or 5 ml
Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Medium
15 ml or 5 ml

Happy painting!  More of my favorite colors to come! Also--note that permanent green light and permanent green are not the same. I learned that the hard way!

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