Product Reveal--the pen!

A series of posts on products I love to use. Enjoy!

I have tried a lot of pens–all of which will remain nameless–before returning again and again to a super common, easy to find, affordable pen!

I’ve had people ask me which pen I use in my pen and watercolors, believing that I use something fancy. I’ve followed people on social media and taken multiple mini courses hoping to find the next, best pen. To no avail.

I needed a pen to do four things for me: 

  • stand up to the amount of water I use while painting,
  • stand out in a way that makes my color pop,
  • survive the texture or “tooth” on the paper I use, and
  • not smear through any pencil erasures I might make. 

So I’ve settled on the lowly, but quite heroic sharpie ultra fine point! 
​Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker Two Pack

There are pens with a variety of purposes, widths, and degrees of “water safe”-ness, but this particular one is a workhorse for me!

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