Painting the Blues

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We have so many blues-water, sky, flowers, but today I'm concentrating on my garden.  Blue poppy blue–which paint to use?!  I ended up combining my old and new favorite light blue watercolors in my latest poppy painting.

​ Here's what I used for Himalayan Blue Poppies:

Cerulean Blue Chromium by Daniel Smith Watercolors is my old standby. It’s that "water" blue, works well on wet paper, and has some depth to it.  

Iridescent Electric Blue

 is my new fav from Daniel Smith–it’s shiny! It’s electric! It’s sparkly!  It’s a bit lighter than the cerulean blue, feels like summer sky or water, adds zing to the page, and bleeds well on wet paper.

Together, they give my blue poppies the variety of shades I was hoping for.

(there's a quick little video of this painting coming together on instagram @tashpristas)

Color Swatch Note: 
Permanent Green Light and Hansa Yellow Medium are also on this palette. If you're curious about getting that Kodiak green, look for my previous review of these paint colors. Cobalt blue violet, another lovely shade in this palette, will have its day soon!

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​Questions for you!

Are you a gardener or an artist or both?  What’s your poppy situation? Do you have poppies in your garden?! Blues? Oranges? Pinks? Comment below!

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