Oldie but Goodie

A series of posts on products I love to use. Enjoy!
Have you ever ruined a piece of art using a horrible eraser?! I sure have! Smudges, pink or black smears, graphite ground into the paper…what a nightmare!

I stick with prismacolor artgum erasers. They are not fancy. They look the same as they always have. (Kind of retro!) And I just checked–they smell like erasers should!

Artgum eraser pointers:
  • Because I use paper with texture, my graphite lines can be rough or jump around where I don’t want them to be.  Gum erasers are my go-to for getting rid of pencil lines after going over them in ink or painting around them. 
  • Please note if painted over, the pencil line won’t come up!
  • Clean a dirty eraser by erasing on blank paper first, then going to your art to erase pencil lines.
  • You can cut or break these erasers to get a fresh edge and/or to fit them into a travel art pack.
  • I learned this the hard way–don’t leave your gum erasers out on your work space in direct sunlight. They get hard and shiny and don’t erase satisfactorily!  

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