Natasha's Top Picks for Paints

A series of posts on products I love to use. Enjoy!

You know I love Daniel Smith Watercolors, and there’s no such thing as too many paints, but I do have my favorites!  

Traditionally, if one were to buy just three paints, one would buy red, yellow, and blue because from those three, one can mix all the colors you need.   But I’m not that girl. Been there, done that! I’m all about colors that resonate with me. 

My top picks this week allow me to paint garden or tide pool scenes, and they are in my mini palette I take into the field with me.

Permanent Green Light garden leaves or seaweed on the beach

Iridescent Electric Blue mussel shells, sunlight on rocks, and flower petals

Quinacridone Magenta flowers and leaves, shells and skies over water

I said I'd choose three, but it was hard!  Next week I'll share more favorite paint colors and talk about how several of them mix to give me lovely watery shades of green!

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