How to Start Your Day

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Part of being a creative (or just human) is to have a few habits and rituals that get the day off to a good start. For me, every day starts with walking the studio dog, Tango, and then on art days, coming home and making a cup of coffee in my Bialetti.  How about you?


I enjoy the petite size of the Bialetti, filling it with water, opening the bag of coffee and getting just the right amount into the metal filter, and screwing the top back on. While the coffee pot builds up a head of steam on the stove top, I can add my secret combo of cocoa, sugar, and cinnamon to my cup and heat milk to froth. There can be meditation in simple routine, and this ritual pulls up travel memories, gives me a moment before the day begins, & reminds me to look out the window at the sunrise.

Whatever your start up ritual may be, I hope it inspires you to find space, grace, and creativity.

Common practices and favorite objects have a way of working their way into artwork! Color (bialettis come in a rainbow!), shape, environment, and the company we choose to keep all influence what we build into our compositions.  

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