From Zoom to Bloom!

How do you find community?

For anyone who has lived in Alaska or on an island, we were remote before it was a thing.

With all the griping about the two years we spent on zoom, I’d like to share a positive vibe about how my art family blossomed from online to finally meeting in person!


Alaskans and Hawaiians end up together in the strangest places. I joined an art membership (more on this later) in 2020–one more way to stay busy and connected.  The time zones were in my favor when I was paired with fabulous women scattered in the Hawaiian Islands. We zoomed every month. We liked each other so much that when the membership ran out, we just kept on meeting!

Our Aloha Powerhouse ranges in age from 32 to 71, and we are awash in collective wisdom! We are our own resource hub for teaching, entrepreneurship, technology, inspiration, and life. We moved from being artists getting to know each other to friends who share personal triumphs and losses and rely on one another.  When I’ve missed a meet up or confused the times, it’s a bummer because I’ve come to rely on these monthly, zoom Aloha pick-me-ups!

We celebrated in January 2023 by meeting up in person for an art retreat.  Two of the women both live on the Big Island, and they hosted us in their homes and studios. Each of us presented a mini workshop, and we found inspiration all around us (Volcanoes! Monstera leaves! Are those birds or frogs singing?! Lilikoi anything…)

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