Fill the Shoe (or Stocking!)

A series of posts on products I love to use. Enjoy.

Happy Sankt Niklaus Tag!  

Normally one’s shoe would be filled with chocolates and sweets, but why not fill it with art supplies?!!

Wide hake brushes sweep away erasure crumbles before painting and eliminate dreaded fuzz and debris before framing. They have become indispensable in keeping my paper clean in the studio. (There are actual artistic uses for hake brushes, too!) Buy the brushes singly or in a set; I tend to use wider ones.

More Daniel Smith watercolors–go for the blues! The yellows!  The purples! If someone is building their collection of paints, any tube of Daniel Smith watercolor will be welcome, but my colors this week are Cobalt Blue Violet, Isoindoline Yellow, and Indanthrone Blue. Cobalt blue violet has been my go to for a long time-it shows up in flowers, tidepools, and seascapes.

Watercolor pencils come in every color of the rainbow (and more!) and can be used in a variety of ways. I gravitate toward blues, pinks, purples, and greens (of course!) and use watercolor pencils for detail and texture. You cannot go wrong with the Staedler or Faber Castell brands.  Start with a small set and test them out.

Whether you put your shoe out for Sankt Niklaus, a stocking out for Santa, or just give gifts to the ones you love, click on the links here and check out previous posts on products artists and creatives will enjoy receiving.

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